Portfolio updates

Posted by: on Jul 18th, 2012

We had some new projects that were completed, and we felt like sharing! You will notice updated details on our projects with Control’s Force and Windsor Ultimate.

Please check them out, and let us know how you feel about our work! Love getting feedback.


Your sports league need some organizational help?

Posted by: on Mar 27th, 2011

March 27th 2011 – Webmojo is proud to announce the completion of their League Manager product. The application will function if helping manage day-to-day activities at a sports league organization. Combining the easy of use of Open-id technology with various social networking functions, this application enables the quick roll out and interaction with league members. There is very minimal user training or setup required.

League Manager is a single turn-key solution which enables members to register for events, pay their league dues, interact with other players, and get alerts for upcoming games without resorting to using a typical hodge-podge of application solutions (as is most common with small sports organizations).

In the past leagues needed to manage and pay for separate software applications, one for newsletters, one for a website and hosting, another for payment processing, and then throw in the confusion of managing social networking accounts like Facebook or Myspace.  The Webmojo League Manager combines all in one, with a low cost, and easy sign-on solution utilizing google, yahoo, facebook, twitter and OpenID accounts. No more lost usernames / passwords or confusing ‘walled garden’ communities.  Invite members, allow payments, make it easy for new players to sign up for your league due to great Search Engine Optimized software.

The League Manager will be initially field tested by the Windsor Ultimate Frisbee League, in Windsor Ontario Canada for their upcoming 5th season of play, after which time it will officially go on sale.  Please drop us a line if you wish to know more about our great software solution and how it can help your organization.


Our Portfolio has been updated… phew!

Posted by: on Jan 16th, 2011

Well going back and organizing your portfolio can be a lot of work, and especially for some work that is no longer online. But after a few hours of review, we have updates some of our latest portfolio work in an neat easy to use portfolio view.

This method is known as the ‘Image Slider’, it allows for the ability to simply click a number corresponding to a screenshot and have said screenshot slide into view, clean and simple.

Check out the portfolio here.


So you bought yourself a domain name… now what?

Posted by: on Jan 14th, 2011

I’ve seen this one too many times, someone gets really excited, they go out and find that domain name that they think will solve all their troubles, and they invest that little bit of money to buy it for a year or two. And then they scratch their head.

Usually this process is minimally thought out, with just the idea being owning said domain name. But afterwards the problems arise regarding hosting. Now hosting isn’t just for websites, it really encompasses all you do with the domain, from simple website hosting, to email, to managing your online identity, its a big deal for a business to get it right.

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen small business owners buy a domain name, buy it at godaddy, and then setup a basic page for their business, and put a yahoo email as the means of contact. I really scratch my head when I see that purchased domain name ‘mysuperbiz.com’ and a yahoo email account like ‘superbiz@yahoo…’, it really screams

“I really don’t know what I’m doing here, I just got this domain name because everyone else was doing it, and I thought it would be great”.

This time, do it right, find your special domain name, buy it from godaddy, and contact Webmojo. Our Hands-free hosting option enables your business to hit the ground running and pushing your business idea without worrying about email hosting, or brand hosting, we let you focus on what matters — your business.


Hmm… is this thing on? Hello?

Posted by: on Jan 13th, 2011

Phew, well that was a lot of work (and a long time coming!) getting this website put together and organized for the Webmojo business. Up till this point we’ve done by with a simple minimalistic site that would allow us to communicate with our customers, but we didn’t focus on marketing, as most of our business came from referrals.

With changing times, and changing economy, everyone has to adapt, and we have opened our (web) doors to marketing our Webmojo site. Hey who knows, we might get a random customer from anywhere in the world interested in our work (for instance, YOU!).

So if you are reading this, and you’re in the business to get on the web quickly with the least amount of hassle, please check out our portfolio, and drop us a question via the green button on the right.